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Toronto Property Management Company


Skywater Property Management Inc focuses on condominium property management in the greater Toronto area, you can feel confident that your building’s needs will be expertly handled by experienced and dedicated staff.
 Skywater Property Management has been managing real estate operations in Metropolitan Toronto over the past 20 years. As an active participant in the consultation process of the current Condominium Act, he has lectured on advanced management topics for the CCI, as well as organized ACMO sponsored seminars on townhouse issues and contributes to both Associations’ member publications.
 Skywater recognizes that its most important resource is its employees. We know from our experience that condominiums feel the same way about their employees. We work closely with the Boards and any in-house staff. We work hard to keep good staff in our properties through proper support, benefit programs, training and performance improvement. We do not make any unilateral decisions regarding building staff.
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