Operation Packages

From property inspections to contract tendering

General administration, subcontracting and supervision are major responsibilities and concerns for Boards. Without proper tendering procedures in place, many Boards are not comparing “apples to apples” or providing contractual protection for the condominium corporation. At Skywater, we maintain a list of highly recommended, third party service partners to provide routine, preventative and emergency maintenance services. We help the Board to ensure that they get qualified suppliers that get the job done right. We make an effort to assess the situation before the quotes are obtained, as well as inspect the work while being carried out and after completion.

Contract Tendering:

  • Our experienced team handles contract review and tendering on behalf of the corporation. Skywater also supervises all trades and suppliers and assures spending and accuracy controls.

Property Management Inspections:

  • Property inspections are performed before a full report is provided to the Board for review at Board Meetings. At the Board’s request, or on an as-needed basis, the property manager will perform weekly spot checks and a walk-throughs when onsite to ensure maintenance and/or repair continuity.

Proprietary Programs:

  • Skywater has established a series of helpful programs and operational manuals available to any of our clients. Some of these include:
  • Annual Planning Guide;
  • Security Standing Orders and Disaster Management Plan;
  • Building employees training program;
  • Seasonal maintenance guides (e.g. Winterization);
  • Fire Safety Plans;
  • Guide to the Condominium Act;
  • Maintenance Logging;
  • Prioritized To Do List;
  • Energy Efficiency and Use Management Plan;