Property Management Services

Financial Management, Operation & Administrative Packages

At Skywater we strive to make the Board’s time commitment as efficient and as effective as possible. By dividing the management of a condominium corporation into 3 essential categories – financial management, operations (or the day to day management of your property), and administration, we have developed a comprehensive yet flexible set of services, cost saving measures and stand-alone products available to all Skywater managed buildings.

We put our Management Agreement into language that is easy to understand. Overviews of our Service Packages are explained in this section and are defined in detail with the proposal package that you will receive once we discuss your building’s needs. (Complete description of each of the programs is available from our office.)

Financial Management Packages


  • Reserve fund planning.
  • First year budget development.
  • Extended budget planning forecasting.

Operation Packages

  • Condominium property management.
  • Residential rental property management.
  • Commercial, industrial and retail property management.
  • Facilities management.
  • Asset management and development.
  • Due diligence reports.
  • Commercial leasing.

Administrative Packages


  • Research, publications and consulting.
  • Energy conservation and efficiency assessments.

Manager’s Report:

  • Written reports are provided to our clients on a monthly basis. To keep our clients fully informed, these reports highlight the activities of the previous month, detail plans for the coming month(s), and provide quotations and recommendations. Details with respect to maintenance and repairs are provided in a manual customized for your project. The Manager’s Report and the Financial Statements are provided to the client formatted to suit their requirements.

Building Information Sheet:

  • We prepare building profiles for each complex containing the details of operations and maintenance including all contacts, telephone numbers, trades and emergency numbers. Each of our Managers has a complete set of building profile sheets for every Skywater managed property. In this way, all managers are able to respond to any emergency in any complex, should the assigned manager be unavailable.

Security and Comfort:

  • For your security and comfort, we have a senior property manager on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Energy and Environment Planning:

  • Skywater has assumed active role in implementing various energy conservation programs within our complexes, resulting in significant reductions in operating costs and increased property value. These programs can improve the building environmentally while enhancing the comfort of the residents and benefiting the community.


  • Reviewing literature and attending continuing education courses, seminars and conferences ensures that we stay abreast of the latest developments and technology.