About Skywater Property Management Inc

Skywater Property Management Inc. was created to meet the challenging demands and expectations of today’s new condominium corporations. Having many years of direct industry experience, our vibrant team manages a growing list of buildings throughout the Golden Horseshoe area. Our focus is on developing long term relationships based on the individual needs and objectives of each condominium we manage. As members of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), we uphold the highest industry standards.

Harold Pizel, President of Skywater Property Management has been managing real estate operations in Metropolitan Toronto over the past 25 years. As an active participant in the consultation process of the current Condominium Act, he has lectured on advanced management topics for the CCI, as well as organized ACMO sponsored seminars on townhouse issues and contributes to both Associations’ member publications.

Professional Associations

Harold Pizel is a professional member of ACMO as well as CCI. He holds his A.C.C.I. as well as his R.P.A. from BOMA.


 Skywater utilizes a number of software packages to tailor to the specific needs of your corporation and to ensure that the information provided on the corporation is accurate and understandable for Director review.

Professional Advice

 Skywater provides Condo Boards with regular “informal” legal, engineering, insurance, design, technological and other advice and information that they may require to make fully informed decisions. A variety of professionals from each field provide support to our condominiums and we would have no difficulty in recommending a number of professional firms serving the condominium market when the need arises.

Service Providers

Each Condo Board, in concert with the Property Manager, decides what suppliers are to be used. We do not have any exclusive supplier of any service. This maintains a fully open and competitive marketplace, allows us to use some smaller suppliers where appropriate and creates a larger pool of companies that we can call on in the quotation process. While Skywater must approve each supplier on behalf of the Board, approval is granted only when we receive evidence of liability insurance and coverage from WSIB. Some companies do more business with our buildings than others. When the volume of business is high, we have arranged for volume discounts or rates to our condominiums.


 Skywater recognizes that its most important resource is its employees. We know from our experience that condominiums feel the same way about their employees. We work closely with the Boards and any in-house staff. We work hard to keep good staff in our properties through proper support, benefit programs, training and performance improvement. We do not make any unilateral decisions regarding building staff.