Over the past few years Skywater has developed several websites to better serve the residents of each of the managed residential communities. The previous Skywater website was designed to be a hub for residents to connect with their property managers, and other residents alike.

After collecting feedback from the residents and boards, we realised that the website was too complicated to use effectively. That is why we developed the new skywater.ca to be as simple and easy to use as possible. We concentrated on the main features which were allowing residents to quickly find and submit forms to book the elevator, request a status certificate etc. And be efficiently notified about anything taking place in the building.

Another big change with the new was to remove the sign up and login features. Instead we have moved to an email notification system that will automatically send updates and notifications to all residents of a building.

How can I sign up for these email notifications?

1. Go to Manged Sites page on Skywater.ca
2. Locate your building
3. Enter your building password
4. Enter your name and email address